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    papdi chaat

    Mexicans and Indians have a lot in common: Big families, a love of food, a talent for immigration. Now they also have these tangy, spicy, chaat flavored nachos.

  • Sweet jalapeno

    La mezcla perfecta de dulce de oromaíz y chiles jalapeñoscalientes. A blend of sweet golden corn and hot jalapeno peppers. So authentically Mexican, we felt the need to say it in Spanish.

  • Salsa picante

    Sweet tomatoes, hot peppers and a splash of vinegar. If a bandito walked into a store, this is the flavor he’d steal.


    Tangy mustard, sweet honey and smoky barbecue sauce. It’s like a summer cookout in Austin, minus the square dancing.

  • BBQ

    The flavors of barbecued paneer in a tangy tomato marinade. And the answer to the question,

    “What will they put paneer in next?”


    A blend of light spices and hot peppers smothered in melted cheese.

    Think Enrique Iglesias with a New York accent.

Contra todo mal, nachos; contra todo bien, también.

To remedy all ills, nachos; to celebrate any good fortune, the same.

From a land far, far away, deep within the interiors of Mexico, comes a bag of All That’s Good nacho chips. Each bite narrates stories of our death-defying adventures, as we risked life, limb and sombrero to bring you the most authentic nacho experience.
Our journey began in Piedras Negras, the birthplace of nachos, where we stole the original recipe from our own abuelitas. From here, we rolled across Mexico’s hot & dusty landscapes and hid behind the most vicious cacti till the cops went home, so we could indulge in our national pastime – jumping borders.
This led us to strange and frightening lands like Texas, New York and India, where we tortured chefs and grandmas in ways we can’t write about, till they parted with their culinary secrets. And when that failed, we even got our women to shave their moustaches so they could seduce men into giving us what we wanted.
Finally, back home, we sampled 87 varieties of jalapeños, devoured more cheese than a Bollywood film can digest and tried out 274 combinations of Mexican, American and Indian flavors before deciding on these seven.
All so each time you dip a chip into a bowlful of salsa, it brings to your mind images of Chihuahuas, mariachi bands and of course, Salma Hayek.